Falling in Love



Is not a feeling,

A state of mind or soul.

Is a quantum force.

A system of probabilities,

Undivided, unperceived,

A system in whole.

You both exist and you don’t,

In Space and Time…

Countless flows.


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There are battles to fight on your own

Reuniting your broken spirit and soul

Ordering around the flesh and the bones

A tribute to future breathtaking crossroads.

But there are also others…


When significant words are losing their meaning.

Impressions and senses are messing with feelings

Perverted minds merciless provoke the decent hearts

When fear is consuming your love

You wish you are not alone…


I need your affectionate touch to temper my soul.

A secret alliance against the deranged world.

Your luminescent spirit reflected in my virtuous heart

Would safeguard my love, would shatter the dark,

Would fight prejudice …

Could save us all … … …


Τα Χέρια Του



Έτσι ακριβώς φαντάστηκα τα χέρια του πως ήταν.

Μεγάλα, ημιδιάφανα, μακριά κλαράκια βελανιδιάς,

Με τρίχες αλόγου στις άκρες στιλπνές, καλοσχηματισμένες.

Το φως και το έρεβος γλιστρούν ανάμεσα τους

Και μόνο ένα ανεπαίσθητο θρόισμα αρκεί…

Σύντηξη, Σχάση, Έκρηξη, Δημιουργία, Ζωή …



Απλώνονται νοσταλγικά πάνω από μακρινούς αμμόλοφους,

Κυνηγώντας καταμεσήμερο, τα εξωτικά πουλιά…

Κρυφοκοιτάζουν μέσα από τα κύματα την καρδιά του κτήνους.

Χαϊδεύουν τα άψυχα όστρακα που από καιρό έχουν αφήσει οι οικιστές τους.

Φυτεύουν σπόρους στον μυστικό βυθό, όπου γεννιούνται οι πιο όμορφοι μύθοι.

Τα γοργονίσια χέρια μοιάζουν με τα δικά του, καταλαβαίνεις τι εννοώ!



Κι ύστερα πίσω, στα γνώριμα στέκια των ανεμοδαρμένων κορυφών.

Γαργαλάνε με τις αλογίσιες άκρες τους τις μουσούδες των λύκων.

Όταν ζυγώνουν άνθρωπο, γίνονται πιο διάφανα από ποτέ…

Κρύβονται στο φως από συστολή, ίσως και φόβο, αλλά τα νιώθεις μένουν εκεί.

Ξεχορταριάζουν, ποτίζουν, σκαλίζουν το μέτωπό σου μέχρι να είναι έτοιμο.

Δεν έχουν μεγαλύτερη χαρά από το να ανοίγουν τρύπες, στα ανυποψίαστα μέτωπα. . .



Βουτάν χαρούμενα στην ζεστή μυελίνη, χοροπηδούν, ξαποσταίνουν.

Και σε αποζημιώνουν πάντα. Με ουράνια τόξα και πολλαπλούς οργασμούς.

Δεν είναι τίποτα αχάριστοι εισβολείς, επιτήδειοι καταχραστές της φιλοξενίας…

Είναι έτσι ακριβώς όπως φαντάστηκα τα χέρια του.

Μεγάλα, ημιδιάφανα, μακριά κλαράκια βελανιδιάς,

Με τρίχες αλόγου στις άκρες στιλπνές, καλοσχηματισμένες.



A Peculiar Dream


A couple of months ago, I saw the most peculiar dream,

In the brightest psychedelic colours that could ever been.

Women singing, dressed in romantic flowing gowns,

Gentle men discussing art and love without bounds.


A magical inner yard enclosed by paintings and sculptures.

You and me, performing on a stage, a humorous play.

With sarcastic lines, pretending to exchange vitriolic words,

But in every pause, we were telepathically, sharing verses of love.


In the last act, I stood transfixed on a ladder, tall to the sky.

Frozen, paralyzed, above the clouds, still, terrified of heights.

I could only descry two smiling eyes, which dared me to jump.

“Trust me. I am here. I mean no harm. Come.”


So I did! Like a superhero or an agile wild cat!

I made the leap, a leap of trust, and landed by your side.

The crowd applauded excited, chills running up my spine.

Your lips touched mine, a full long kiss, for the grand finale.


A sweet, realistic dream, that still had saved me a twist.

In the blink of an eye, you disappeared, you were gone.

I wanted to tell you more, I am looking for you,

Amongst your seven brothers, a circle of lovers and friends.


It was then, that an old saying of yours emerged in my mind

“If you stay true, my soul will send out a beacon for you”

“Follow your heart. Love. I have left you a mark…”

“Trust me. I am here. I mean no harm. Come.”


So I did! Like a Gypsy or a Bedouin!

Moving around, scouring the civilised earth.

Public squares, quiet bars, overcrowded streets.

I crossed savannahs, deserts, mountains and seas.


Looking closely, listening to the heart pulse of humanity.

Reading voices, gestures, smiles and frowns,

Noticing male and female, rich or poor, young and old.

Unravelling the threads of the intricate world.


Tired one night, after my unsuccessful search, I questioned myself.

What if this is only a dream, a chimaera of a romantic soul?

What is so important I have to tell you? What am I searching for?

All my life, I hadn’t been much of a believer, after all.


Walking with my head bent, preoccupied with my last thoughts

I stumbled upon a bizarre, almost heart shaped rock.

I picked it up, sat on a bench, having a beer to cool my throat.

A little further a noisy bunch of drunks talked loudly and laughed.


I was staring at my rock, didn’t notice the man who approached.

“It is a beautiful stone”, he said.

“If you buy me a beer, I will show you, where you can find more.”

“But what are you looking for?”

I’ve been travelling around the world, to find my love.


I know now it has been living inside me all along.

“Is that so?”   Yes!


He was aged, wearing  saggy trousers, had a funny nose.

But his eyes were piercing through my soul.

“So what are you really looking for?”

Nothing.  I whispered. Nothing at all.

He was smiling at me. This pair of smiling eyes, I had seen before…

Happier than I could ever dream! I hugged you silently… 



Away From Love


This is a song

Plain as love

Common as pain.


I want to drive away, from you, my love

To hide from the pain



To a distant place, where your face is unknown.

To a distant time, when I was happy alone.

To a peaceful dream, out of your reach.

To the starry nights, when you were only a wish.


I want to drive away, from you, my love

To hide my pain



To the crest of a mountain, to scatter my tears

To a southern desert, to shed my blood.

To insanity’s backyard, to bury my heart.

To a black hole, to suck my love…



This rainy day

On the slippery road

I am driving away from love…


The Fall



So here comes the fall,

Of the burning star.

Glorious and all…

One way love,

Flashing on and off,

Disintegrating light,

Touching your atmosphere,

Within a rain of fire.


Bursting cells with pain,

Pouring down acid blood.

A majestic fall and all…

A warped sense of pride.

One way love,

Melting my rotten flesh.

Ashes and bones on your head.

Where are you my friend ?


I am all alone, a white dwarf.

My once higher self,

Cannibalized by your lies.

Crawling back to my hole.

Glorious and all…

One way love,

An insignificant trail,

A fallen star in your prodigious sky.





Ξεφλουδίζω όλη μέρα, από το πρωί, την γλώσσα μου

Να διώξω την πίκρα από το στόμα .

Στρώσεις πίσσας, καφέ, και όξινων φόβων.

Δύσοσμα ξερατά από μισοχωνεμένες εμπειρίες.


Ήθελα να είμαι όμορφη απόψε, που σε περίμενα

Κάτω από το τρίτο αόρατο σύννεφο στο στενάκι.

Γάζωσα στα μάτια μου μία παλιά δαντέλα με κρόσσια.

Σκέφτηκα μήπως το σύννεφο με έβρισκε βαρετή.


Ξεντύθηκα ευλαβικά  όλες τις φόρμες και τους τύπους

Μόνο ρευστή και διάφανη μπορούσα να σε υποδεχτώ

Όπως όταν με πρωτοχάιδεψες στο κλειστοφοβικό ενυδρείο.

Τα λέπια τα άφησα σπίτι. Θέλω να αγκαλιαστούμε.


Και την καρδιά μου την ξέπλυνα από τα αίματα.

Να! Βάλε την μύτη του μολυβιού σου στις πληγές,

Να ακούσεις.Καθάρισαν τα παράσιτα από τον χτύπο.

Σ’ όσες στροφές κι αν την παίξεις χαμογελάει.


Εντάξει! Θα σου πω ένα μικρό μυστικό μου.

Τα χέρια μου δεν είναι τόσο ζεστά κανονικά.

Έκρυψα μέσα στα κόκαλα δυο ηλεκτρικές αντιστάσεις.

Πόνεσα λίγο, αλλά ήθελα να αγγίξω τα όνειρα σου.


Μόνο την πίκρα δεν κατάφερα να διώξω.

Αλλοιώνει κάθε γουλιά απ’ το μπλε .

Πού να κρύψω τις δηλητηριώδεις λέξεις.

Αν αργήσω, βουλιάζω στην κινούμενη άμμο…


Φίλησε μου, το τρίτο αόρατο σύννεφο και φύγε.



Once I Was In Love


Before the white pages, my heavy eyes.

Staring beyond the blankness.

Manipulating space and time.

Balancing fast to the tree’s heartbeat.


I pick up the natural rhythm.

A fragile vessel full of juice.

Once upon a time I was alive.

Curving branches and deep spreading roots.


Bright, scented, purple leaves.

A freaky bird calling its mate.

Travellers reposing in the shade.

An appreciative sough greeting the sun.


Bathing in the warmth of the night.

Saturated with Selene’s silver glow.

Once upon a time I was in love.

A fairytale woven in the starry sky.


Surrounded by frightening white.

Tonight my heart is as dry as a bone

My tree a handful of shrivelled dreams.

Once upon a time, I was in love.



My Voice


My voice pounds on a concrete wall

Turns back, towards me,

As a manic beast.It’s after me.

I run , trip, fall.It is approaching.

My three headed reflection screams.

I am afraid. I close my eyes.

I don’t want this monstrous view in my mind.

I hold my breath.Pretending to be brave.

Ready to accept the end. Nothing happens.

Just swears, curses and threats.

I curl up in the middle of the street.



Eyes wide shut till I notice white dots and golden stars.

Little whirls to the deeps of my brain.

As if I hypnotize myself. I sink.

The time passes. I breathe, I flow.

Two black holes, where my eyes used to be.

Gliding down keeping the analogies.

How else could I tell, those were my eyes.

The voice softens its pitch, dramatically.

Like a bass drum beats a rhythm.

The dulcet sound, keeps me on the ground.

Is this real or am I sleeping?

Can you hear me screaming?



How Many Times


How many times can a man stand a heart break?

What does it take, to become smart enough,

To know you are going to crash?

Yet another time…


Love is only a drug.

A stupid bubble that carries you in the sky

And then…bam! You knock on the ground.

With a deafening sound.

An amorphous mass of flesh and bones

Your bloody hopes lie smashed.

How many times can you rearrange this puzzle?

What does it take, to become complete?

Yet another time…


Love is only a joke.

A stupid poem that drags you into the light

And then…bam! You lose your footing in the dark

With weeping eyes.

A quenched spirit of disenchantment and ash.

Your bloody ego lies trampled.

How many times can you rekindle this flame?

What does it take to become None?

Yet another time…


Love is only a dream.

A stupid pair of wings that fly you high, in zero gravity

And then…bam! You crawl on your knees.

With frightened screams.

A pathetic tangle of insecurities and needs

Your bloody addiction shivering.

How many times can you liberate yourself?

What does it take to become free?

Yet another time…


Love is only a cheat.

A stupid appetizer that stimulates you to live

And then…bam! You crave for death.

With a romantic yearning.

A desperate song of failed promises and vows.

Your bloody soul lies cold dead.

How many times can you birth love?

What does it take to be loved?

Just this once…


I grew too old and weary to fix this mess

Yet another time…

I needed you to last…

My heart is yours

Stamp upon it, or pick it up.

…bam! I am just done.



Full Moon


Embracing the completeness of the Moon

I devour the Archetype’s wisdom.

Rerouting all my synapses,

To reach my love out to you.



Tonight, I am in absolute dominance.

Rest in my arms, child of the Sun.

I’ll tuck you in, singing you a lullaby.

A soft kiss on your eyes, to shield your sleep.



Harvest the moonlight.

Feel my power enveloping you

I will tenderly cradle your heart

In my palms, throughout the night.



I shall be guarding your dreams.

Sway, Fly, Be all that you wish.

My love is only meant to be

By your side, to protect you…